With an emphasis on precision in footwork, diversity in patterns and having fun, Austin Casino Salsa™ is committed to providing excellent classes in Casino Salsa.  Whether you are a true beginner or a more advanced dancer you will be energized by the music and movement that is Casino Salsa.

The Instructor

Founder of Austin Casino Salsa™ and principal instructor, Esther M. Weekes, Ed.D., a native of England, began learning Casino in 2005 and was hooked from the start!  She continues to expand her knowledge by attending workshops in Casino, Rueda de Casino and Rumba around the US, Mexico, and most recently Havana, Cuba. Her regular teaching schedule includes group classes at Active Life Yoga and Dance Studio, Austin, TX, small group and private classes at her home studio in South Austin and private events.

What is “Casino” (aka: Cuban Salsa)?

The appropriate name for Cuban Salsa is Casino as it is known throughout Latin America. Historically, Casino traces its origin to the dance halls of Cuba from the Cuban Son dancing and its rhythmic body motions that grew from Afro-Cuban Rumba.

Casino is danced in a circular motion as opposed to the linear or slot movement more common to North American Salsa styles. Culturally, Casino is danced in male and female couples (with emphasis on sexual interplay, teasing, and everyday experience) but is also danced solo (Suelta) and in groups (Rueda de Casino) in which pairs of dancers make a circle (or “wheel”) and execute dance moves when called out by one “Caller” (or Cantante).

Visit the resources page for links to video examples of Casino style dancing.